If you have been in an auto or truck accident, you will likely receive a call from an insurance adjuster who will want to take a  “recorded statement” from you.

An adjuster is an employee of the insurance company that represents the other driver involved in an accident. Adjusters are skilled at their jobs, and they are trained to ask questions that could hurt your claim against the other party involved in the incident.

Answering their questions could diminish the amount of money the insurance company will eventually pay.

Adjusters will follow a script and try to seem like they are helping YOU. They often ask open ended questions that are open for interpretation. It’s important to remember that an adjuster’s goal is to build a case in favor of their client, so they do not have to pay you the compensation you deserve for all your pain and suffering.

Our advice… We typically advise our clients (or potential clients who call) not to give a recorded statement to the at faults party’s insurance company. You are under no obligation to give a recorded statement to anyone at the beginning stage of your case. This is one of the reasons why we advise anyone who is in an accident to call an attorney.