Gun Charges

No matter the type of gun offense you are accused of in Maryland, you can be convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the details of your situation.

Killian Law Group’s experienced criminal defense attorneys can review the facts of your case and explain the potential effects of the law, the viability of your defense, and the legal choices you have.

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    Gun Charges

    Maryland Gun Lawyers

    In Maryland, misdemeanors related to handgun possession often create a lot of legal uncertainty. And gun crime penalties are more severe when a handgun is found to be used in the commission of a crime. In these cases, someone convicted may not eligible for parole for a minimum of five years. Killian Law Group can help you to fight these charges, including those related to the separate crime and those related to the gun used in carrying it out.

    If you are found guilty, the consequences could include fines, jail or prison time, driving limitations, house arrest, community service, and other penalties, such as a prohibition on owning a firearm in the future. The presence of a valid permit and the use of the gun in other crimes are some of the factors that help decide the seriousness of the charges.

    A knowledgeable Maryland gun lawyer is critical to your case and to develop a strong defense in order to safeguard your rights and minimize your potential punishment.

    The experienced criminal trial lawyers at Killian Law Group will protect your rights during the criminal process, whether you are under criminal investigation or facing criminal charges. We are committed to helping you understand what is expected of you and obtaining the best outcome possible.

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