A conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol in the State of Maryland can bring many serious and life-changing penalties, such as hefty fines, jail time, increased insurance premiums, the requirement of an ignition interlock breathalyzer, and suspension of driving privileges. Nevertheless, with the help of a knowledgeable Maryland DUI defense attorney, you can fight the charges with various effective defensive strategies. Keep reading for more information, and contact a skilled Annapolis DUI lawyer for assistance.

Possible defenses in Maryland DUI cases include:

Proving You Were Not Impaired

In our system of justice, the prosecutor always has the burden of proof. In the case of either a bench trial or a trial by jury, the prosecution needs to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. An aggressive defense is going to address issues including:

  • Was the police testing equipment properly calibrated?
  • Did law enforcement properly administer the test?
  • Is there evidence of a false-positive BAC test result?

Arguing You Were Stopped Without Reasonable Suspicion

  • Were you arrested without probable cause?
  • Did the police violate your constitutional rights?

Evidence Of A False-Positive Blood Alcohol Test Result?

Research has shown that several non-alcoholic substances can generate false positive BAC test results, including:

  • Certain types of dental works
  • Mouth jewelry
  • RFI-emitting devices