Domestic Violence

A situation of domestic violence can quickly become a criminal matter, and sometimes the wrong person is arrested. This may be due to the attacker accusing the victim of being the aggressor, or the police attempting to avoid the hassle of a resolution and ultimately arresting everyone involved.

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    Domestic Violence

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    In Maryland, a skilled domestic violence lawyer can provide legal representation and defense for those charged with domestic violence, such as assault, spousal abuse, or restraining order violations. If you’re facing any of these charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to a defense attorney to protect your rights.

    The experienced criminal trial lawyers at Killian Law Group will protect your rights during the criminal process, whether you are under criminal investigation or facing criminal charges. We are committed to helping you understand what is expected of you and obtaining the best outcome possible.

    Our attorneys at Killian Law Group will provide you with honest legal advice and aggressive representation to fight your domestic violence charges.


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