Drug Charges

Despite being a common criminal charge in Maryland, especially in Baltimore, drug charges are taken very seriously by local police and prosecutors. Depending on the type of drugs and the facts surrounding your arrest, you could be subject to significant penalties, such as fines, probation, or even jail time.

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    Drug Offenses

    Maryland Drug Defense Lawyers

    If you have been accused of possessing a prohibited substance, it is essential to contact Killian Law Group’s criminal defense team to arrange a consultation and discuss your case.

    A drug possession charge is a serious legal matter, and a conviction can be very costly to your finances and to your personal and professional future. Killian Law Group can help you avoid harsh penalties and have give you a chance at beating the worst parts of the charge.

    Drug charges including intent to distribute, trafficking, or possession of a dangerous drug like cocaine or heroin can bring steep fines and potentially a lengthy stay in jail. In these cases, it is especially important that you seek the services of an experienced Baltimore drug lawyer.

    A knowledgeable Maryland drug lawyer is critical to your case and to develop a strong defense in order to safeguard your rights and minimize your potential punishment.

    The experienced criminal trial lawyers at Killian Law Group will protect your rights during the process, whether you are under criminal investigation or facing criminal charges. We are committed to helping you understand what is expected of you and obtaining the best outcome possible.


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