Fraud Charges

At Killian Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in handling cases of sophisticated fraud and white collar crimes, recognizing that these allegations can be damaging to one’s career and family, and in some cases even lead to incarceration.

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    Criminal Defense in Maryland

    We provide representation to individuals of all types – from executives and managers to professional and clerical workers accused of fraud or computer crimes. If you are facing such charges or are the target of an investigation, it is essential that you work with an experienced defense lawyer in Maryland immediately.

    Taking swift action to secure aggressive legal representation can often help to prevent charges from being filed, and minimize public exposure and embarassment.

    The experienced criminal trial lawyers at Killian Law Group will protect your rights during the criminal process, whether you are under criminal investigation or facing criminal charges. We are committed to helping you understand what is expected of you and obtaining the best outcome possible.

    Our attorneys at Killian Law Group will provide you with honest legal advice and aggressive representation to fight your fraud charges.


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