Maryland Medical Misdiagnosis Cases

When a medical condition is misdiagnosed, or the correct diagnosis and treatment are delayed, the results can be tragic. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Killian Law Group know what it takes to hold doctors responsible for a missed or delayed diagnosis.

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    Medical Misdiagnosis

    Assisting in cases when Medical Misdiagnosis Causes Undue Harm

    Missed and delayed diagnosis claims are very complex. It is not enough to simply show that a doctor did not diagnose your condition. Instead, you will need to show that the medical provider failed to comply with the standard of care and the missed or delayed diagnosis more likely than not changed the outcome.

    Medical Misdiagnosis cases require careful review and understanding of your medical care, and supporting testimony from qualified medical doctors willing to serve as experts, in order to bring a medical malpractice claim. There are special statutes and rules of evidence and procedure that apply to medical malpractice law suits that an experienced attorney can guide your through.

    Killian Law Group has the negotiation and trial skills, as well as the resources needed to invest in the case. We represent medical malpractice victims and their families in lawsuits aimed at recovering rightful compensation for the family and holding negligent medical professionals accountable. To learn more about your case, contact us online or call 443-600-5540 for a no-cost consultation.


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